Rashatta Daugett


Quotes Rashatta, your wisdom is simply awesome. You have set the bar very high. The woman I decide to marry will have to read this book! Thank you Sis, for being you! Quotes
Pastor Barry Carter

Quotes Rashatta, the wisdom you have to share in this book needs to be heard! Quotes
Needs to Be Read

Quotes Rashatta, I have been reading your book bit by bit each night and I have truly been blessed. I just wanted to tell you how much of a blessing your book has been to me. Quotes
Reading Slowly

Quotes Rashatta, My wife has been reading your book and she is starting to become a different wife. It made me want to read what was in there to cause such change! Quotes
Corey, Atlanta, GA
Different Wife

Quotes Rashatta, Your book really blessed me! I know my husband is not walking in his calling right now, but I have faith that he will and I am truly thankful for your book! Quotes
Angela C, Atlanta, GA
What A Blessing