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Rashatta is Helping Others Own their Own Show, Channel or Network on Demand!

Posted by Rashatta Daugett on February 28, 2018 at 2:15 PM

Not only can you have your own show, channel or Network, you can produce your own and help other talented individuals who have a ministry, a message, a play or a sitcom they want to share with the world by simply adding their show to your platform. If that isn't enough they will give you the opportunity to partner with Sony to introduce your choir, your music or soundtracks to the world through their international distribution network.

Through the all new Xperienc On Demand and Ministry On Demand, you now have the ability to spread your message and be available on over 270 million smart TV and other smart devices in the US and world-wide!

Through licensing agreements with top names such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Roku, Apple TV, FireStick, just to name a few, you can now be seen around the world with your creativity in which ever area that may be, On Demand.

Right now you are probably uploading all your valuable content to Youtube, ustream, facebook and other apps giving them your content for FREE. They are making upwards of $500 Billion Dollars a year while you pay them for boosted advertising or make very little if anything at all.

Most people are paying for cable service every month right now... they can eliminate cable and Xperienc On Demand will give your subscribers the ability to pick their favorite cable channels for much less and bundle you in there at the same time. This will allow you the opportunity to be paid while building your dreams.

If you are a small business person, play write producer or minister and you may only be able to get a subscriber base of say 1,000 people to start at maybe $10.00 per month, you have just added $5,000.00 to your monthly income with subscriptions alone. That's not factoring in product sales and sponsorships that will come easier due to the expansion of your viewing audience.

How You Get Paid!!


You followers will be able to subscribe to your show or channel along with other content on the platform for a monthly fee

PPV Events:

Create a "Pay Per-View" experience that will bring both current subscribers and non-subscribers together for your event and received the funds from the sales directly.

Other Content Providers

Some content providers may simply want to just have their show placed under your entity. For $500 a month, you can offer them a spot under your name to build their brand. XOD gets $250 and you keep the other $250.

Online Sponsorship, product placement, point and click features

Through Xperienc On Demand's all new point and click advertising app, your viewing audience can immediately click on what strategically placed products in your show, on your channel or network and order it without leaving their seat or going to another site. Through your negotiations with the advertisers your revenue grows simply by making your viewers happy.

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