Rashatta Daugett


Born Rashatta Tiana Webber to two teenage parents who never married, no one ever imagined that at the tender age of 15, she would be called to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. At age eight Rashatta won her first oratorical contest which was the beginning of preparation for the bold task that awaited her. Her mother and stepfather then moved from their humble beginnings in Dallas, TX to the land of opportunity, Atlanta, GA, when Rashatta was thirteen. This is where Rashatta’s experimentation with sex and the need for affection from a male figure took what looked like a drastic turn for the worst. 

One day after being punished and feeling so torn to do what was right but continuing to fail and do wrong, she fell to her knees and cried out to God for an answer. God gave it to her. He gave her the divine instructions to go and teach His children. He told her that all she had been through and experienced was not for her, but for some one else. Below are just a few of the gifts and talents Minister Rashatta has that she is most passionate about.


 Now as the wife of Spiritual Soul Music singer and Pastor,Titus,  Min. Rashatta, adds to his ministry her gift to minister to young women. Being a true example of a virtuous woman, she is able to effectively teach our young women how to live righteously in the midst of all the temptations they may be enduring. She brings powerful and intimate, personal testimonies that carry what she has to say directly to their hearts. By being honest, transparent, and straight forward, Min. Rashatta and Pastor Titus use their testimony and God’s Word to teach our youth and young adults how to please God no matter what the situation.

God has also placed a passion in the heart of Min. Rashatta for single young ladies and those who desire to be married and young married couples. Min. Rashatta shares a wonderful testimony with her husband about how they prepared for marriage without even kissing until after they said "I Do". They speak about the difference between cultural perspectives of marriage and biblical teachings on marriage. They deal with the issue of the boyfriend and girlfriend relationship and its effect upon the marriage relationship. And teach the steps that should be taken in courtship before marriage and the kind of mindset that will enable those who desire to be married, make wise decisions in their steps toward marriage. And again, Min. Rashatta and Pastor Titus use their own personal testimonies and the Word of God to bring sound teaching to the hearts of their listeners. Min. Rashatta and  Pastor Titus expose the most intimate struggles in their marriage and how they applied God’s word in the midst of them. By doing so, they teach and encourage married couples how to please God and their spouse in order to maintain a healthy and happy marriage.

Min. Rashatta and Pastor  Titus have been married for eleven years and reside in Stone Mountain, GA with their beautiful ten year old daughter, Tiana. They are presently working on several projects that will edify the Body of Christ and are diligently serving the congregants of Rivers of Living Water Church. Min. Rashatta also hosts a weekly conference call entitled "The Gathering of Sheroes Conf. Call Fellowship", geared towards encouraging, enlightening and uplifting women of God to continue to the virtuous women God has called us to me in an un-virtuous world.



Event Planner

Outside of managing her husband's music and teaching ministry, Rashatta brings an array of skills and talents to non-profit organizations and local events. God has blessed Rashatta with the gift of "Presentation Excellence". In 2014 she and her friend of over 20 years partnered to form "Excellence: Event Planning and More".   Many have solicited their skills for event planning and coordination to make their events memorable and exciting. In 2007, Rashatta and Bernadette worked with organizations such as Godz Girl Network, where they served as executive assistants to Minister Cee Cee Michaela and organized all of the events and volunteers.  They  also secured sponsored products for Minister Michaela's Holywood Retreat in 2007 for over 500 young people. The retreat had sponsored hair care products, massage therapists, nail technicians, hairstylists, photographers, barbers and a gospel concert with major recording artists. Most recently, Excellence has been asked to coordinate Virtual Eminence/Xperienc on Demand Launch Day activities.

Whatever event you have in mind,  Rashatta and her team will work in the spirit of excellence to bring it to life!


Motivational Speaker

In addition to event planning, Rashatta is also a motivational speaker. She has been public speaking since the age of 8 years old and has won countless awards through the years for her excellence in public speaking. Rashatta has gained recognition from the House of Representatives in Texas, had the pleasure of meeting former President George Bush Sr. and has been afforded many other opportunities to exhibit her exquisite speaking ability. Min. Rashatta is currently working on completing her first one day seminar targeted to empower and encourage Christians and non-believers on how to have effective communication with those around them. Rashatta believes that effective communication is the foundation to everything we do outside of our relationship with Jesus Christ.



Life/Business Coach

 Rashatta is most fond of being a life coach. She enjoys helping those around her meet the goals and aspirations they believe God has placed within them. As a life coach, Min. Rashatta listens and inspires her clients to produce when they feel like they can't. She doesn't assess their problems but helps them work through their problems to meet smaller goals to ultimately meet the goals and purpose God has for them. Min. Rashatta believes that by encouraging others to believe what God says about them, she helps further the Kingdom of God!




 Most recently, Min. Rashatta has added yet another title under her belt....Author. She published her first self published work entitle "A Wife to Leadership: How to Be Happily Married to a Man in Leadership" in Sept. of 2011. This book is an explicit testimony of Min. Rashatta's 18+ year marriage to a man called to leadership. In exposing their testimony, Min. Rashatta is able to encourage, edify and empower other women who are married to men in leadership to change their mentalities according to the word of God which will allow them to not only assist their spouse more effectively, but will allow them to have a healthy and happy relationship with their spouse as they work together in ministry.

Rashatta is currently in the finishing stages of her next 5 Volume Book entitled "God's Promises When...". Volume 1 was released on January 1, 2016 and she has been blessed and thoroughly encouraged in the writing process of this book and hopes that her readers will be too! Recently, Rashatta solicited the testimonies of great and powerful women of God to share their testimonies in a book entitled "Daughters of Triumph" which is available now in her e-book store, Amazon, Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble!


 Broadcasting Executive

Rashatta is excited to announce her new role and undertaking with Xperienc On Demand! As a platform owner, Rashatta and her husband have added broadcasting executives to the many hats they wear! Through Xperienc On Demand, they can now offer Ministries and Ministers the opportunity to own their own on demand Show, Channel or Network! Rashatta and her husband have been working closely along side President, Domonique Mitchell to make sure they are learning all aspects of this platform to assist others on how to fully utilize this platform and opportunity to the best of their ability. As Rashatta and her husband build their channel, Spiritual Soul Television, they are excited to bring content that will make their audience think about world them differently and expose hidden truths about God's word and His people!